Writing a Goodbye Letter to Addiction

For many, cutting ties with an addiction is similar to breaking up a long-term relationship. Going through detox and addiction treatment is effective, but it’s common to enter sobriety feeling like there are unresolved issues. If you or a loved one https://ecosoberhouse.com/ is struggling with substance abuse, know that you are not alone, and help IS available. At Find Addiction Rehabs, we are dedicated to finding a treatment provider and addiction recovery services that can serve all of your personal care needs.

  • Addiction, my connection with you has turned me into a prize of elegance.
  • He also received the Friend of Children Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010 from Tennessee Voices for Children after seven years on their board.
  • I climbed out of the mud and battled back with the help, love, and support of God, as well as my family and counselors.
  • You see, I am so much more than just another person risking their life through drug abuse, and I will not be a statistic.
  • I didn’t even look at you the whole time I was there.
  • I hated you and what you had done to me, but I was too scared to leave.
  • You may let go of the past and your addiction with this letter.

I hope this gives them the hope and the motivation they need to finally seek out professional addiction treatment services. Resurgence Behavioral Health knows that your goodbye letter to drugs isn’t an easy letter to write. Let us help you let go of the baggage and rediscover the person you want to be for you and your loved ones. We promise it is a decision you will not regret. Our team is here for you seven days a week for physical and emotional support. Robin Cox is the Chief Financial Officer at Cumberland Heights, the Southeast’s premier alcohol and drug addiction treatment center.

How to talk to your loved one about getting treatment for Heroin addiction?

Actually, I reject my statement; you did donate. Also you brought me grief and shattered relationships. If I returned to you, I know I’d be hooked again. But every day I will keep doing what I have to do to keep my obsession at bay — counseling, 12-step meetings, etc — so that I never have to see you again. And so that I can be there to help others who you might victimize. I spent time in prison because of you.

Over time, you destroyed my career, friendships, family relationship, and my freedom. That said, I know I cannot blame you entirely for the way things have gone. Just as I am working to regain control in my life, I am also taking responsibility. I chose to start our relationship, and now I am choosing to end it.

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You started to take more than you gave. You took almost everything away from me. Eventually, you took everything away from me. You told me that as long as I let you control everything in my life, everything would be okay. It has become clear that everything is not okay.

goodbye letter to drugs

I have people that I love, and I know they love me back. And I’m able to watch my daughters grow older. Then, one day, you pushed me into that grave and began covering me up. You thought you would be saying the goodbye. Addiction, you’re a liar, a thief, and a cruel master.

Goodbye Letter to Addiction: Christina

Maybe it was because when I was at my lowest points, you helped ease that pain; you gave me back a sense of control. Or at least, that’s what I thought, then. But now I know the complete opposite is true. You were what brought me to my lowest; you were what took away my control. We may receive advertising fees if you follow links to promoted online therapy websites. Without you, Addiction, I’m doing things I’ve never thought were possible.

goodbye letter to drugs

Saying goodbye to drugs and alcohol is the most terrifying thing I think I’ve ever done. However, I also know that I have to do it. At least, when thinking about it, I’ve never been truly happy with who I am. So I need to say goodbye to goodbye letter to drugs drugs and alcohol, no matter how difficult or scary that is to think about. Dear Drugs and Alcohol…we had some good times together, but it’s time I move on. We did have some good times together; a lot of good times together, in fact.

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